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Tennis 101: The Forehand

The forehand, one of the most essential shots in tennis, can become one of the biggest weapons in a player’s game. Elliott Pettit of USTA Player Development at the USTA National Campus in Orlando, Fla., shares some tips for beginners, intermediate and advanced players that can guide you as you look to make improvements in your forehand.

ATP Forehands Compilation in Slow Motion - Tennis Forehand ...

ATP Forehands Compilation in Slow Motion - Tennis Forehand Slow Motion. In this video, you'll see slow-motion forehands of Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal, Novak D...

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Tennis Forehand Technique - 8 Steps To A Modern Forehand ...

The forehand swing path is very similar to a bowling motion. To get the feel for the bowling motion, you can simply take a few tennis balls and bowl them towards a target. After 20 or so repetitions, take your racket and see if you can implement this feeling of bowling into your swing.

7 Easy Steps to a Powerful Forehand - Tennis Uni

For most tennis players a good forehand is the key to success. The natural stroke movement makes it especially easy to play. At the same time it is an effective means to put pressure on the opponent. That is why the forehand is often used to hit winners. Generally the forehand is the first stroke that beginners learn when they start playing tennis.

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Step 1: Place 3 cones in between the center service line and the baseline. Step 2: Stand behind the cone along the baseline. Step 3: Have a coach or training partner feed your four balls to your forehand side. Step 4: Return the shot, move forward to the cone in front, circle around the cone, and return the next shot.

The Two Handed Tennis Forehand - The Tennis Bros

The Two Handed Tennis Forehand. There are a number of ways to hit a forehand in tennis. You may hit the ball flat or with monster topspin. You may hit the ball with a traditional technique or as a buggy whip. But one thing that most players agree on is hitting the forehand with one hand. Custom Fittings.

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How To Fix Your Tennis Forehand Fundamentals (By Yourself)

Once you have stabilized on your right leg, drop the ball and step forward into a neutral stance to hit a forehand. Your objective is again to maintain balance on your front leg and pull your back leg forward as a result of hip rotation.